Hydroquinone Cream 4

hydroquinone cream 4%Hydroquinone is a chemically produced substance that uses both science and nature in its production. This skin bleaching cream is used for treating various disorders and certain conditions that affect the skins appearance. This includes various types of discoloration caused from acne scarring, freckles and age spots, as well as general skin lightening of the areas like face.

I am strongly against hydroquinone 4%. Why? Because it is too powerful and increases the risk for side effects. Instead, I prefer concentrations of 2% or less (which are all non-prescription versions). Using the 2% is a much smarter way to go about skin lightening.


I have one note of caution though – regardless you need to make sure to do your own research and asking your doctor about using any type of topical lightening treatment is a good idea just to be safe. I am in no way shape or form a medical professional, nor do I claim to be, so please keep that in mind.

Why Hydroquinone Is Used
Hyper-pigmentation, which basically is the over-accumulation of melanin in the skin can be caused by an increase of hormones in the body, a skin disease called melasma, as well as too much sun. In order to correct the damages caused by the sun as well as get rid of inconsistencies in skin color, many people use cosmetic skin whitening creams in order to help with correcting these noticeable skin flaws.

So let’s talk about these types of skin bleaching treatments. In my opinion this is a whole new kind of beauty treatment. I have heard of fading creams, but skin bleaching always reminds me of something that would be created by scientists in the same lab where Frankenstein was made. But with all joking aside many people actually stand by these bleaching treatments and how they work to help them get rid of many types of unpleasant skin discoloration. So with that in mind I guess this product could be seen as somewhat of an ingenious discovery. That’s what originally sparked me interest to research this ingredient further.

So let’s recap what we have learned so far in relation to hydroquinone cream. We have learned that it is a treatment made from different chemicals and is used to treat various types of discoloration in the skin. The important factor to consider when shopping for a bleaching cream is to make sure that you speak with a professional before starting any type of regimen. This will ensure your safety as well as any side effects that may occur with using any type of bleaching cream, because even though they are OTC, side effects still happen. Once you do that you can then decide whether using a skin whitener is the right choice for you.