Hydroquinone Lotion

hydroquinone lotionThere are many different varieties of skin lightening treatments that contain hydroquinone. This ingredient is a substance that prevents the skin from producing melanin. Melanin is what gives the skin color and pigmentation. Hydroquinone lotion is used for many different types of skin discoloration abnormalities. The major benefit of it in a lotion form is that it can be applied to large areas in a cost-effective manner.


Have you noticed many people that have freckles aren’t too happy about them? I thought that freckles were supposed to be kisses from the sun? Well, with all joking aside many people have different types of insecurities when it comes to their skin. Many people invest a lot of money trying to correct these imperfections. Let’s discuss some of the common products that are used for these skin issues.What is it?

hydroquinone-lotion-2What is it?
Hydroquinone lotion is a mixture of hydroquinone, which is a lightening agent and glycolic acid, which is used to help maximize the absorption. There are many different varieties available on the market today. With so many different combinations, it is difficult in discerning which one would be the best. This is a very common occurrence in the beauty world today so I will discuss many different factors in relation to lotion version.

What’s available?
Anything 2% and below is available over the counter. Fortunately, this strength is more than sufficient! One OTC version of hydroquinone lotion that I came across sounded very enticing, I think it was because it mentioned that it has both glycolic acid as well as a Hawaiian algae extract. There is just something about Hawaii, whether it be the refreshing weather or the beautiful beaches. That may be the reason why I was drawn to this particular product. Many different variations from different websites had me confused about what the essential ingredients were for the ideal product when looking for a way to get rid of skin discoloration.

I noticed that a lot of the manufacturers of hydroquinone lotion had many different claims, and each one had their own unique special ingredients and therefore it was hard to determine which one was the best for the money or which one would help me with the skin problem I had. It’s fine and dandy that each one of these manufacturers market their product as being the best or has special ingredients; but guess what, so does an apple pie and you don’t see anyone putting that on their face! I can imagine how many other consumers feel the same way. What I did find was that the ones that contained the most positive feedbacks were the products which also contained glycolic acid.

I figured it would be beneficial for all of us that I mention that I am not a medical professional nor a licensed dermatologist therefore any advice that I give about the products discussed should be only used as a way to inform you of some of the products that are available on the market and what they are used for. It is up to you to choose which skin lightening treatment you may want to try.