What Is Hydroquinone?

what is hydroquinone creamSo what is hydroquinone? Also known as quinol, it is a chemical complex that has a scented base. There are many uses for hydoquinone in the beauty industry; strengths 2% and below are over the counter (which is what we discuss on this site). One of it’s uses is its ability to work as a skin lightener without some of the allergic reactions which are common in other skin lightening products, such as metol. It helps with the whitening of freckles, sun spots as well as age spots. Because skin whitening products are so strong, it’s important to follow directions when using it.


The way it works as a lightener is the enzymes in the skin are stopped from reacting and producing melanin and this is what causes the lightening of the skin. This then works as a way to change the color of a persons skin as well as help fade other types of skin discoloration.

Although there have been many disputes about the effects of hydroquinone on the body, many of these claims have not been thoroughly proven, but many doctors suggest that women who are pregnant refrain from using this product as well as people who take some types of medications. It has been said that there might be interactions that can occur if you use products that contain hydroquinone. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask a dermatologist for his or her advice, regardless of the fact that hydroquinone cream 2% is sold over the counter.

Are you still curious about what is hydroquinone exactly? And what are some of the products that it is found in? I thought you’d never ask.

One product that contains hydroquinone and is considered to be a skin lightening cream is a product called Physicians Complex (despite the name it is a non-prescription strength). Among the ingredients it contains are Hydroqinone, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate and Bearberry Extract. This product is said to help people with age spots, freckles, melasma and other skin discoloration related problems. It is also said to prevent the production of melanin formation, which is why it is viewed as a good source for pigmentation problems.

A different form of treatment that is similar to a skin lightening cream is a skin lightening lotion. Products such as Proactiv skin lightening lotion, for example, work to get rid of scars caused from past acne breakouts. This lotion works by helping fade those ugly scars so they are less noticeable.

Hopefully I have successfully answered your question pertaining to what is hydroquinone as well as what are some of the products available in the market today. I am in no way a professional on this topic neither do I have a medical degree, so if you are thinking about using hydroquinone make sure to do a lot or research and consult a professional before you begin using this or any type of skin product you haven’t used before.